Getting your mind’s eye in the groove 

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine what a piece of artwork will look like once it’s mounted and framed up on the wall.  Would it be best positioned above a mantlepiece or your office desk? Maybe in the kitchen or living room?  Iris and I have created some mock-ups for you to see, examples of her work in interiors to get your mind’s eye in the groove so you can easily start to picture her framed pieces up in your own home.

Prints are available to buy from her online shop in a variation of sizes –

Giclee Printing

Using extremely ‘high end’ scan-back camera technology and daylight balanced lighting, we are able to create an incredibly accurate and detailed digital image from Iris’s Original Paintings. 

Our colour management ensures consistency and guarantees the highest standards and quality of image. With the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing and printing equipment, we pay fastidious attention to colour balancing to ensure extremely accurate reproduction.

The word Giclée (“g-clay”), is derived from the French verb gicler meaning “to squirt or spray”, Giclée, is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment based inks with high quality archival quality paper (Hahnemühle German Etching,  310 gsm) to achieve Giclée prints of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability.

Profits from the sales of her art go towards her therapies, education and future.

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