Getting your mind’s eye in the groove 

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine what a piece of artwork will look like once it’s mounted and framed up on the wall.  Would it be best positioned above a mantlepiece or your office desk? Maybe in the kitchen or living room?  Iris and I have created some mock-ups for you to see, examples of her work in interiors to get your mind’s eye in the groove so you can easily start to picture her framed pieces up in your own home.

Prints are available to buy from her online shop in a variation of sizes –

Giclee Printing

Using extremely ‘high end’ scan-back camera technology and daylight balanced lighting, we are able to create an incredibly accurate and detailed digital image from Iris’s Original Paintings. 

Our colour management ensures consistency and guarantees the highest standards and quality of image. With the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing and printing equipment, we pay fastidious attention to colour balancing to ensure extremely accurate reproduction.

The word Giclée (“g-clay”), is derived from the French verb gicler meaning “to squirt or spray”, Giclée, is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment based inks with high quality archival quality paper (Hahnemühle German Etching,  310 gsm) to achieve Giclée prints of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability.

Profits from the sales of her art go towards her therapies, education and future.

Iris’s New Painting ‘Eyebrook’


This week we have released Iris’s new painting called ‘Eyebrook’.   It’s named after Eyebrook reservoir which is somewhere that has been a favourite of Iris’s lately.

You can buy a print through her online shop here – Eyebrook Giclee Print

The Printer uses the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing and printing equipment, they pay fastidious attention to colour balancing to ensure extremely accurate reproduction.  All of the profits raised from the sales of her prints go towards her ongoing therapies, education and some saved for her future.

Here are some detail images from the painting

detail-2  eyebrook-detail


Tumpty Tum

AnimalsThe painting began with stomping elephants, lions and tigers on the prowl.  Iris loved seeing the footprints in the paint and would look up at me pointing at each animal saying their name.  She was inventing new ways to include her toys, making marks, shapes creating textures on the paper.  Now and again I heard her say ‘tum, tum, tumpty tum,’ I thought at first it was to do with her trying to make elephant noises as she plodded his feet onto the paper but later on I realised what is was from.  She has a book with a cd and we have also got her the app called My first Classical Music Book, it was open on the page called ‘People’, the people in this book were the composers, Brahms, Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Adams, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky.  There is a cartoon drawing of a composer trying to write a piece of music saying ‘Tum Tum, Tumpty Tum, Tiddly Pom…’ Iris was doing the same as she painted singing along working on her piece.  So I have named this one ‘Tumpty Tum’ it’s 55cm x 75cm, painted with watercolours and acrylics on watercolour paper. and a detail shot of the painting

Tumpty Tum

Detail of Tumpty Tum   Classical Music BookClassical Music Book Tumpty TumIf you are interested in a print of ‘Tumpty Tum’ please do email me, Arabella at We are offering free postage in July and here are the print prices 55cm x 75cm (same size as the original) – £127.00 ($217.93) 42cm x 56.5cm – £92.00 ($157.87) 33cm x 44.5cm – £57.00 ($97.81) 23cm x 31cm – £38.00 ($65.21) All of the profits raised from the sales of her prints go towards her ongoing therapies and some saved for her future.

Spring Dance

I have made a photograph diary of this latest painting to show the variation in Iris’s techniques, how she explores different textures and colours in her kitchen art studio and out in the garden with her faithful assistant Thula.

Day One

New Painting in progress

Day Two

Day 2

Day 2 another layer on the painting

Day Three

Day 3 of the painting

Day 3 stage 2

Day Four

Day 4 Painting outside

Day 4 Painting in the Garden

Day Five

Day 5 Iris Painting outside

Day Six and Seven

Day 6 detail

Day Eight, the Finished Painting.

‘Spring Dance’ 55cm x 75cm

New Painting

Detail section of the painting

Detail section

This is a possible crop for a panoramic frame.


If you are interested in buying any of Iris’s Prints please email us at

The Printer uses the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing and printing equipment, they pay fastidious attention to colour balancing to ensure extremely accurate reproduction.

Prints come with a certificate and will be sent out in a tube. Postage within the UK is £12.00 and £16.50 for International.

55cm x 75cm (same size as the original) – £127.00
42cm x 56.5cm – £92.00
33cm x 44.5cm – £57.00
23cm x 31cm – £38.00

Carmen Fantasy

Carmen Fantasy, 55cm x 75cm

Carmen Fantasy

Iris selects her new app on the iPad called ‘My first Orchestra,’ she quickly presses the violins section and then plays ‘Carmen Fantasy, Op.25’.   As the violin twirls around like Carmen the Spanish Gypsy, Iris begins to paint once again on the painting that had been drying on the coffee table.  The Painting before her is as flamboyant as the music, colours merge, she gently sponges off little pockets of paint creating intriguing effects. ‘V for Violin’, ‘V for Violin’ she says over and over again.  The Violin has been used with varying success in the past, the intensity and strong emotional connections can sometimes be too overwhelming for her but now she seeks it out to hear it sing.

Here is the app that she loves so much:

V for Violin

and Iris working on the painting with Thula

Iris and Thula Painting with red

Iris and Thula Painting together

The photo below is a close up detail, once the painting was finished and dry.

Detail of Carmen Fantasy


Paquita, 55cm x 75cm


Holding a brush in each hand she paints, first a layer of red, dancing with a gypsy soul full of wanderlust.  Blues and greens are next, a long utensil with a sponge on it’s tip is soaking, then with high flicks Iris creates pools of colour so close that her tummy almost touches the watery paint.  Now with a different sponge and another brush she explores, finding new paths and making discoveries within the painting.  Her spirit is free and her style her own, adding touches of yellow and finally when most of the painting is dry she uses the white.  As I make a cup of tea in our kitchen come art studio I see her mix some of the colours left in the mugs.  She doesn’t use them on the paper, this is for the joy of watching the colours change and the way they swirl and move, a contented happiness fills the room from this simple pleasure.
Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing.  For to miss the joy is to miss all.” –
Robert Louis Stevenson

Namazzi Blue

Namazzi Blue, 55cm x 75cm
Namazzi Blue

With springs in her feet she jumps, bounces and leaps for joy as she watches the rain, rivers, streams and fountains, intrigued by their movement and ever changing nature.  Impressions in her mind that later can be seen on paper.  A tremendous amount of tools and brushes lie before her, a collection that has slowly built over the last year.  Thoughtfully picking out a few, Iris experiments with rolling, stamping, smudging, dabbing and carefully sponging the paint creating a beautiful effect.  I am reminded of a rippling stream, you can almost hear it.

The Tale of Green

‘The Tale of Green’
55cm x 75cm

The Tale of Green

Green paint swirls around the ceramic bowl as Iris carefully stirs.  Her whole body swaying in time with the brush, intense focus on the colour before her transports Iris’s mind, body and soul into an elated almost hypnotic state.  I’m at the sink dampening a sponge, so it’s ready to wipe up any unwanted spillages on the floor and as I turn, she is beaming a smile up at me, this is my chance to talk about her painting, the colours, shapes and patterns.  A pathway to Iris using paper and paints, creating a connection between language and it’s true meaning.  I pause, I hear her voice, her beautiful voice ‘Greeeeen,’ with a smile so big it could fill the room.  It takes all my strength not to just go over and squish her with a huge hug and a thousand kisses, but I fear that would be going over the top and make her feel self conscious.  I compromise with a little celebration and one kiss on her forehead but she gives me a look as if to say I am very busy and still have important work to do so I back off.  After all, there is painting still to be done and within moments the paper that lies across the coffee table is filled with a sea of green.


‘A-Where-Wa’ 55cm x 75cm


I call Iris over to see her latest painting on the computer screen, she sits on my lap and we both look at the swirling colour formations and I try to think of a suitable name.  Iris has been particularly chatty lately, mostly in her own made up language but it’s a progression that we are all very proud of.  So I ask her what she thinks the painting should be called and she leans back into my arms and looks straight at me smiling and then repeats the words ‘a-where-wa’ over and over again.  Job done, she walks off to play with some toys, now vocalising a whole load of ‘b’ sounds as she pushes her Postman Pat van along the ground.  Feeling uncertain if I should use this name, I ask her once again what the painting should be called and she repeats the same words ‘a-where-wa’ once again, clearly and without hesitation.  So there we have it, here is ‘A-Where-Wa’ Iris’s first painting that she has named all by herself.

Prints in 42cm x 56.5cm, 33cm x 44.5cm and 23cm x 31cm aswell as the full size.

‘I Fell in Love with a Tree Stump’

Iris's favourite treestump

Iris Loves a tree stump in our garden so for her Birthday I have found a special poem about one just like hers describing the special relationship between her and the stump.

I Fell in Love With a Tree Stump

a poem written by Dane Smith-Johnsen

I fell in love with a tree stump.
A quite curious stump was he.
No branches to thump.
No fall leaves to see.
But a very special stump was he.
There in the woods, other trees grew tall.
Swaying their limbs and leaves in the breeze.
But one special tree stump won my awe.
Once, tall and stately was he, before the freeze.
Now, short and sad hearted because of the saw.

I was weary, downhearted, and lonely.
When, I spotted that stump beside a pile of wood.
A perfect place to rest, it seemed to me.
I rushed right over as quickly as I could.
Then, sat right there, relaxed, and feeling so good.

While trees all around made their showy stance,
I sat and enjoyed from my comfortable stump.
He had no limbs nor leaves to wind-dance.
He had no branches to thump.
He was there for me to rest myself…by chance.

Pining alone, I fell in love with that tree stump.
A quiet refuge was he.
No longer sad, life became plump.
And my soul soared higher than one can see.
For he was there when I needed him…and he needed me.