Raining cats

4 thoughts on “Raining cats

  1. Paul Birchmore says:

    Hi There, I have just read about Iris on Yahoo and think its an amazing, uplifting story, truly inspiring.
    I think “Raining Cats” is amazing and would love it on my wall, you must be so proud of her and Thula who looks so comfortable with Iris, almost like a guardian.
    Thanks for making my day, in these days of awful news from all over the world, stories like these restore a bit of faith.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Janet Cecil-Wilcox says:

    What amazing work…It seems that Monet sprinkled some of his gifts from Heaven on her….I am an artist and I have been teaching art to children in public and private schools for 43 years. It has been such a gift from God. “Raining Cats”, is so beautiful…I love her work and pray that that it will be with her throughout her entire life….prayer keeps us all going.
    Never give it…Janet

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