Namazzi Blue

Namazzi Blue, 55cm x 75cm
Namazzi Blue

With springs in her feet she jumps, bounces and leaps for joy as she watches the rain, rivers, streams and fountains, intrigued by their movement and ever changing nature.  Impressions in her mind that later can be seen on paper.  A tremendous amount of tools and brushes lie before her, a collection that has slowly built over the last year.  Thoughtfully picking out a few, Iris experiments with rolling, stamping, smudging, dabbing and carefully sponging the paint creating a beautiful effect.  I am reminded of a rippling stream, you can almost hear it.

‘I Fell in Love with a Tree Stump’

Iris's favourite treestump

Iris Loves a tree stump in our garden so for her Birthday I have found a special poem about one just like hers describing the special relationship between her and the stump.

I Fell in Love With a Tree Stump

a poem written by Dane Smith-Johnsen

I fell in love with a tree stump.
A quite curious stump was he.
No branches to thump.
No fall leaves to see.
But a very special stump was he.
There in the woods, other trees grew tall.
Swaying their limbs and leaves in the breeze.
But one special tree stump won my awe.
Once, tall and stately was he, before the freeze.
Now, short and sad hearted because of the saw.

I was weary, downhearted, and lonely.
When, I spotted that stump beside a pile of wood.
A perfect place to rest, it seemed to me.
I rushed right over as quickly as I could.
Then, sat right there, relaxed, and feeling so good.

While trees all around made their showy stance,
I sat and enjoyed from my comfortable stump.
He had no limbs nor leaves to wind-dance.
He had no branches to thump.
He was there for me to rest myself…by chance.

Pining alone, I fell in love with that tree stump.
A quiet refuge was he.
No longer sad, life became plump.
And my soul soared higher than one can see.
For he was there when I needed him…and he needed me.