Tumpty Tum

AnimalsThe painting began with stomping elephants, lions and tigers on the prowl.  Iris loved seeing the footprints in the paint and would look up at me pointing at each animal saying their name.  She was inventing new ways to include her toys, making marks, shapes creating textures on the paper.  Now and again I heard her say ‘tum, tum, tumpty tum,’ I thought at first it was to do with her trying to make elephant noises as she plodded his feet onto the paper but later on I realised what is was from.  She has a book with a cd and we have also got her the app called My first Classical Music Book, it was open on the page called ‘People’, the people in this book were the composers, Brahms, Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Adams, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky.  There is a cartoon drawing of a composer trying to write a piece of music saying ‘Tum Tum, Tumpty Tum, Tiddly Pom…’ Iris was doing the same as she painted singing along working on her piece.  So I have named this one ‘Tumpty Tum’ it’s 55cm x 75cm, painted with watercolours and acrylics on watercolour paper. and a detail shot of the painting

Tumpty Tum

Detail of Tumpty Tum   Classical Music BookClassical Music Book Tumpty TumIf you are interested in a print of ‘Tumpty Tum’ please do email me, Arabella at irisgracepainting@yahoo.com We are offering free postage in July and here are the print prices 55cm x 75cm (same size as the original) – £127.00 ($217.93) 42cm x 56.5cm – £92.00 ($157.87) 33cm x 44.5cm – £57.00 ($97.81) 23cm x 31cm – £38.00 ($65.21) All of the profits raised from the sales of her prints go towards her ongoing therapies and some saved for her future.

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