Spring Dance

I have made a photograph diary of this latest painting to show the variation in Iris’s techniques, how she explores different textures and colours in her kitchen art studio and out in the garden with her faithful assistant Thula.

Day One

New Painting in progress

Day Two

Day 2

Day 2 another layer on the painting

Day Three

Day 3 of the painting

Day 3 stage 2

Day Four

Day 4 Painting outside

Day 4 Painting in the Garden

Day Five

Day 5 Iris Painting outside

Day Six and Seven

Day 6 detail

Day Eight, the Finished Painting.

‘Spring Dance’ 55cm x 75cm

New Painting

Detail section of the painting

Detail section

This is a possible crop for a panoramic frame.


If you are interested in buying any of Iris’s Prints please email us at irisgracepainting@yahoo.com

The Printer uses the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing and printing equipment, they pay fastidious attention to colour balancing to ensure extremely accurate reproduction.

Prints come with a certificate and will be sent out in a tube. Postage within the UK is £12.00 and £16.50 for International.

55cm x 75cm (same size as the original) – £127.00
42cm x 56.5cm – £92.00
33cm x 44.5cm – £57.00
23cm x 31cm – £38.00

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