Carmen Fantasy

Carmen Fantasy, 55cm x 75cm

Carmen Fantasy

Iris selects her new app on the iPad called ‘My first Orchestra,’ she quickly presses the violins section and then plays ‘Carmen Fantasy, Op.25’.   As the violin twirls around like Carmen the Spanish Gypsy, Iris begins to paint once again on the painting that had been drying on the coffee table.  The Painting before her is as flamboyant as the music, colours merge, she gently sponges off little pockets of paint creating intriguing effects. ‘V for Violin’, ‘V for Violin’ she says over and over again.  The Violin has been used with varying success in the past, the intensity and strong emotional connections can sometimes be too overwhelming for her but now she seeks it out to hear it sing.

Here is the app that she loves so much:

V for Violin

and Iris working on the painting with Thula

Iris and Thula Painting with red

Iris and Thula Painting together

The photo below is a close up detail, once the painting was finished and dry.

Detail of Carmen Fantasy

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