Iris Grace Silk Scarf Styling Tips

There are so many fantastic ways to wear a silk scarf and here are just a few. Iris and I have been having fun this morning dressing up and trying some of them out.

Calming the senses with a wrap-around effect.

Pretty in pink with this sophisticated necktie.

This photo of Iris is the meadow was from last summer, oh I can’t wait for those warmer days!
A beautiful solution for any bad hair day.
Draped over shoulders like a cape is a favourite, gives comfort & security.
Every artist needs a headscarf at hand to keep her hair tidy.
A delightful way to accessorize toy boxes, bags, baskets…
and of course, our faithful friend Thula modeling the ‘Raining Cats’ Silk Scarf with such style and majestic grace.

If you would like to buy your own Iris Grace Scarf here is the link to her online shop –


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