Hiatus Auction


We are trying a new way of auctioning Iris’s Paintings this month, it will be done by a ‘sealed bid/silent auction’ where the buyers will kindly submit their highest bid in one email rather than bidding as the week goes on.  I want to adjust our system as the interest in her paintings is so widespread around the world that this seems to be the fairest way to conduct the auctions to fit in with everyone’s time zones.

So remember this is a one-bid auction of your highest bid and email that to us at irisgracepainting@yahoo.com

‘Hiatus’ is painted on thick watercolour paper with many layers of acrylic. It has also been dry mounted onto board and will be sold unframed. If you are bidding from abroad we have a brilliant International Courier Service which we have used to send her art safely to it’s new home in the past.

Good luck Everyone, the auction is now open to submit your bid! irisgracepainting@yahoo.com

The proceeds from the sales of Iris’s art goes into her own savings account to be saved for her future.

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