A Billion Thanks

We are absolutely blown away by the response to our ‘Help Thula’ fundraiser, at the moment we don’t know how much the vets bills will be but they are estimated into the thousands if her operation goes ahead. Even so, we should have enough and extra to put into savings for any future events where the animals get ill or injured.


The last week has been difficult to say the least but it has been made easier by everyone’s kindness and generosity to help our incredible cat. I have been in hospital with what they think is an autoimmune condition called Migratory arthritis or Reactive Arthritis. While I was away Thula has had an accident, we think falling out of a tree. She has hurt her back leg severely rupturing her cruciate ligament.

The vets are working hard with us to try and help her but already the costs are mounting with x-rays and medication. She may need to have surgery.

We had hoped that you guys would be able to help, my expectations were realistic in my mind of raising some money to go towards her vet care to try and relieve some of the financial pressures on our charity. As you can imagine running The Little Explorers Activity Club and all of the animal expenses is a tricky task but when these extras come in it is very hard. I wished with all my body and mind that after bad luck comes good fortune in the form of kindness from others in asking for donations to help pay for Thula’s treatment, x -rays, operation (if she needs it) and medication. But WOW I wasn’t expected it to be like this, a billion, squillion thankyous, I have had tears of joy and the relief is amazing, you are all amazing! We deeply appreciate all of the donations no matter how small they seem to you. Thula isn’t just Iris’s best friend, she is now a therapy cat to many families that come for sessions here at the club each week.

She is the inspiration for the animal therapy here and has inspired many families to find their own ‘Thula’.

This extraordinary cat has gone above and beyond to help heal others so now we will give back to her, she needs the best care possible for her own recovery. So thankyou to all those who have donated and shared the page.

Arabella x

5 thoughts on “A Billion Thanks

  1. Cecelia Silva says:

    I am so very sorry to hear about beloved Thula – please update us all on her progress and how she is doing! You ALL are in my prayers, and especially Thula!

  2. Midori O'da says:

    Get well soon, Thula and you. I’m one of the maine coon cat owners who was inspired by Thula & Iris. I didn’t donate through justgiving dot com but I purchased Iris’ print. It’ll be next to other print of her’s. Wishing you best!!!

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