A sweet friendship refreshes the soul

Footsteps were left in the morning dew plotting a route through the orchard.  Thula climbed the old damson tree to be close to Iris, watching over her as she explored.  Years of work from the Green Woodpecker has left a curious mix of textures, patterns and wildlife. I saw two souls happy to be together, there isn’t and hasn’t been any jealousy from Thula as she has witnessed Iris grow and make new friendships with the other animals.  She takes a step back at times giving her space but then most days checks in with her buddy.  A mirror, a shadow, a faithful companion and a friend like no other I have ever seen.    


9 thoughts on “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul

  1. Cecelia Silva says:

    Cecelia Silva

    I am always so touched by Iris + Thula and their long-standing love fest!:) They are so great for each other, and I am a big big cat person! Cats are ever so healing, and smart! Thula is clearly intuitive to Iris’s needs, and such a loving companion of her! I love the updates, as I have watched Iris grow Iris/Thula grow for a long time now, and just so “amazing” where she is at this point in her life journey! Keep the updates coming – love them all! Lots of blessings and love to these two inseparable characters!

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