From the moment I told my father he was going to be a grandfather there has been a longing for fishing trips with this new addition by his side.  Iris’s diagnosis went hand in hand with new challenges, dreams were put away for a while but never forgotten.  Nine years later his wish was granted, to spend happy times on the water with his granddaughter. So my message to you all today is don’t forget your dreams, no matter how hard it may seem in the moment when you put them away always know they are there and one day when the time is right you can make them come true.    

14 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Jackie Anderson says:

    Arabella, you are an incredible Mom and have an amazing daughter!
    I have followed Iris since she was just a little girl. I love her free spirit
    & painting skills. I bought her note cards & have framed them for a display,
    in my home. Iris is the subject of many conversations about her artwork,
    and of course many have fallen in love with her. Your books are full of love
    education and hope showing the intensity of your commitment to understanding
    the world of Autism and your precious daughter. Thank you for sharing Iris & Thula.

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