Doorstep Adventures

‘If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal.’

A storm raged outside and in my head, planning adventures had always had their challenges & frustrations but my great plan for Iris to ride the Pennine Bridleway was going in completely the wrong direction. Block after block, I felt like we were going no where on this one. The distances between the night stays were too big and the National Park accommodation was expensive. On top of that the UK was in equine lockdown over outbreaks of Flu so options for Tizon was extremely limited. I was meant to be raising money for our Aquaponics Project not spending to the extreme. With costs skyrocketing I felt depressed. I needed to re think. What was I trying to achieve? What was my goal?

To spend quality time with Iris where she could thrive and expand on skills, building confidence and a sense of achievement.

To raise funds for our Project

To raise positive awareness of autism and inspire others to look beyond their child’s diagnosis, to see a bright future with endless possibilities.

I realised that I didn’t need to go up to The Pennine Way, I had my very own Midshires Way right on our doorstep. I would learn how to travel with Iris on a budget and see the positives in what I had overlooked. Travelling from home means that we will make connections locally, we will build our support network and spread the word about the work we do here at the club more effectively.

I started to plan, made calls and to my surprise within an hr I had an outline of our trip, within two hrs I had accommodation booked for our horse on all 4 nights. The kindness I felt from others lifted my spirits and I started to plot the journey in more detail.

Our 50 Mile Challenge, a 5 day ride/walk with Iris & Tizon from our doorstep and back again.
Views of the Leicestershire countryside along our planned route

the greatest adventure
is what lies ahead

I will keep you all updated on our progress, for now it’s time for preparations and to get fit so we can manage the 50 miles in May.

5 thoughts on “Doorstep Adventures

  1. John Popovich says:

    You are amazing Arabella. You always find a way to do things. Iris is so fortunate to have you. Good luck with the planning.

  2. Katie Ganoe says:

    It sounds like a splendid adventure, Arabella!
    Looking forward to your blogging, and, of course, your beautiful photos.

  3. Lisa Crittenden says:

    Congratulations on recognizing the challenges and being strong enough to make changes to make a successful adventure! Best of luck to you on this journey – looking forward to following along.

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