“Oh, the places you’ll go”

As some of you will already know Iris and I are planning more adventures, this time a ride along the Pennine Bridleway to raise funds for our Aquaponics Project. The plan is to explore 205 miles of the Pennines’ ancient packhorse routes, drovers roads and newly created bridleways in sections over this year.

A challenge which needs a great deal of preparation physically, testing out kit, getting the horse fit, solving potential problems….so we have made a start over the past 3 weeks with walks and many short rides. Now we are extending those rides up to 2 hours and including stops, practice getting on and off without mounting blocks, handling issues when they arise by ourselves and most of all having tons of fun mini-adventures.

Smurf, our pygmy goat checking out the gear before the ride
Iris and Thula relaxing together while I get Tizon ready
Iris’s version of school bags, packed with supplies and of course lots and lots of books!
Looking out from the top of the village spectacular views along the Jurassic Way
Iris loving the sunshine, can’t believe it’s only February
Having a quick look at the book selection before we head into the woods
Tizon’s first time at Iris;s favorite woodland
Time for a snack
Down at the lake

9 thoughts on ““Oh, the places you’ll go”

  1. CECELIA A SILVA says:

    So WONDERFUL to see such progress with Iris, have been following her for a long time, and amazing how far things have come! LOVE the updates and have sent them along to friends as well!

    Recently ordered more note cards, which just arrived last week and love them so much!

    Warm regards,

    Cecelia Silva

  2. Anne Peters says:

    Such a wonderful adventure, in an amazing part of the world!
    I hope, beautiful Iris, has a marvellous time,with Tizon & you!
    I will look forward to more updates, as your journey unfolds!😊🐴🐴💝

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