Leaving Home

Planning travel for Iris has always been about following her interests but also helping her develop skills that she will need for the future.  Learning how to thrive without her team of animals has been one challenge that’s on my mind each time we leave our menagerie at home. What I don’t tend to dwell on in my blogs is the difficult days, those tough moments where I search in desperation, my brain spins trying to find answers to what has disturbed Iris’s world, what was it that upset her or how do I help. Sometimes her abilities to speak or to show me leave her in those desperate times. I have become, dare I say it dependent on a crutch that takes many forms. A cat, a rabbit, and a pony. I am lucky to be surrounded by a team of animal therapists that save the day so when it’s time to leave them at home I do wonder, what will happen? how will we manage?

So far, to my delight each destination Iris is surrounded with an abundance of wildlife and animals that come to our door.  It helps her realise she can make new friendships and get to know other animals and the people that they live with.  It opens up opportunities for learning too about the different environments and what animals are suited to where and why. 

A Crab and jellyfish, Iris was intrigued and these curious creatures encouraged her to be very vocal.

All sorts of conversations, questions and topics can be derived from the newbies.

They also seem to be there just at the right time to help when Iris needs some distraction or comfort.

Millie, the resident cat at Blaeneinion, such a cutie pie

I have always been an advocate for how animals can help our children but usually people associate this with Iris’s cat Thula and their extraordinary relationship that wowed us all.  But there are so many ways in which animals can teach and support us on our adventures.

Jasper the resident dog, friendly, loyal and patient.
The roosters, the noise desensitisation kings, eventually you don’t hear them so much !
New animal discoveries in the books she borrowed on her travels too.

The pictures above are from our last trip to Wales during our travels for the Forests of The World Project


2 thoughts on “Leaving Home

  1. Flora says:

    It’s not easy to write about the difficult days. I’m really conscious of this in general on social media. Sometimes I think I should post the pictures of the meltdowns and the frustration and the anger, it would certainly be more real. But I’m so glad that Iris found comfort in the sea life and the animals and that she’s learning something different can be fun. Wales has a certain magic about it, it’s never failed to work for V xx

  2. Geraldine White says:

    I’m glad in a way you have mentioned there are also bad days. We struggle at times with our beautiful girl aged 9. I was thinking is it just us who haven’t found the golden key to ease her distress that can overwhelm her.

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