Prehistoric Tree Stumps

Storms have revealed a mysterious submerged forest off the west coast of Wales near the village of Borth. Iris navigated her way through the miniature mountains. She flew along weaving in and out until one particular stump tempted her to stop.

A greeting and further inspection was needed, for those new to how you greet a prehistoric tree stump here is Iris’s guide – carefully untangle some green seaweed, feel the curious textures, let it fall through your fingers then dip down and collect.

Flick the residue water up high in the air and admire the falling droplets. Smell the sea, taste the salt. Run your fingers down the side of the stump, feel its shape, its contours and appreciate it’s ancient beauty.

A bronze age oak is there at your fingertips, its skin slightly squishy from all of those years buried under peat. Thank those violent storms for uncovering a piece of pristine history preserved for us to see and feel. A historic treat for the senses.

4 thoughts on “Prehistoric Tree Stumps

  1. Beth Gventer says:

    Lovely pictures! Iris seems alive exploring the senses of nature. Are you going to write a sequel on Iris?

    • Carter-Johnson says:

      She does love her adventures šŸ™‚ Im afraid the book two isnt looking good, I submitted a proposal to Penguin but it was sadly declined. Frustrating as I would have loved to write another but you never know, maybe in the future.

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