Are you sitting comfortably? ok, let’s begin…

Illustration by Alice Tait

Tip toe through the forest to hear the trees whisper.  Walk over green hills wandering along with the early morning mist.  Step over a stile into a meadow filled with wild flowers, bright butterflies and buzzing bees.  You will see a tree stump and by that magical stump a little girl called Iris standing with her cat in front of a painting table.

Words have never come easily and she seems shy to most who don’t know her.  Iris loves her books, music and her best friend Thula the cat.  Through painting she finds her voice and more, it’s here among the flowers with paintbrush in hand and her faithful companion by her side we will be transported into their world.  With a fresh sheet of paper, a flick of the brush and a swish of a tail the adventure begins.

Thula looked down at the paper, her unusually long ears with wispy bits at the tips pointed forwards, alert, ready for what was about to happen.  Colours swirled, blue merged with yellow forming green pools, splashes of red touched blue creating purple.  Iris looked at Thula knowing that she could feel it too, a sensation that started from their tummies and spread through their bodies.  They shut their eyes, took a deep breath and counted ‘one, two, three’ then opened.  They were no longer in the meadow.  Iris’s eyes squinted in the bright golden sunlight, the water surrounding them shimmered like dancing stars.  Her cape waved in the wind as she clutched hold of the paintbrush standing on the pontoon.  Thula shook her mane with pride as saw she had her own cape but unlike Iris’s beautiful blue hers was a royal red.

‘Thula, where are we?’ Iris asked, feeling a little worried.

She looked up, her long white whiskers twitched ‘let’s find out’, she knew Iris was nervous, new places, sights, smells and characters were fine for cats but her Iris needed a helping paw.  She trotted along the pontoon and jumped into a purple boat moored at the waters edge.

I know what you are thinking – a cat who can talk, have you ever heard a cat talk before ? but you see there is the magic, their minds are now one, a united duo here in the Kingdom of Colours.

The beginning of a short story written for Iris by Arabella

Anima, Painted by Iris Grace
Iris Grace Prints and Cards available through her online shop

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