Global Recognition for Iris Grace

Paintings by Iris Grace, a 5 year old with an extraordinary talent to express herself through painting.  She is on the Autistic Spectrum and is only just starting to talk but is able to paint in a style far beyond her years.  We wanted to share her art to raise awareness of her condition and inspire other families.  In the summer of 2013 Iris’s story was published Globally in 227 different countries and over 4 million people visited her site with now over 149 thousand following her adventures on Facebook.  She has sold paintings to private art collectors here in the UK and all over the world, in Europe, America, South America and Asia.

Profits from the sales of her art go towards her therapies, education and future.

474 thoughts on “

  1. Realmente impresionante. Preciosas las pinturas y su autora.
    Una muy buena manera para concienciar a la sociedad de lo que realmente es el autismo. ¡¡Rompamos los tópicos!!.

    Un saludo

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