Global Recognition for Iris Grace
Paintings by Iris Grace, a 5 year old with an extraordinary talent to express herself through painting.  She is Autistic and is only just starting to talk but is able to paint in a style far beyond her years.  We wanted to share her art to raise awareness of her condition and inspire other families in similar situations to ours.  Autism is currently affecting around 100,000 children in the UK and these numbers are rising.  In the summer of 2013 Iris’s story was published Globally in 207 different countries and over 2.3 million people visited her site with now over 100 thousand following her adventures on Facebook.  She has sold paintings to private art collectors here in the UK and all over the world, in Europe, America, South America and Asia.
All profits from the sales of her art go towards more art materials and her on going private therapists – Occupational therapy, speech therapy, Yoga, Music therapy and her future.
 Iris Grace

A Portrait of an Artist

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  1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your sweet Iris’ talents! I tried to email an order to you a few days ago but email delivery failed. Should I try a different email address or keep trying the irisgracepainting@yahoo? Thanks so much for your help and time! :)))))

  2. What a wonderful experience it must be to see your child being happy & expressing herself, your journey is so inspiring! Many blessings to you and Iris!

  3. OMG what a beautiful child! The thought of what her 5 year old mind sees has me speechless. The translation from her mind to her brush. Wow! I would so love one of her pieces in my house, just to remind me that there is totally authentic talent. Not learned or practiced but sincerely felt. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish i could put into words how inspiring this really is to me. Please let me know when an aution is planned or how i can acquire a piece.

  4. I wanted to congratulate your family on focusing on Iris, her needs and queues and in return finding her gifts. She may not speak verbally but her art is communicating to the world. She is causing others to pause, reflect and dialogue over her art and autism. Every child is a blessing its our job to find that blessing. Kudos to you for outstanding child focused parenting. I was planning to purchase her work because I love it more than any Monet I’ve seen. Once I read how you manage proceeds I will encourage others to support as well. Cant wait to hang her art in my house in Florida.

  5. First, the video of your sweet, innocent carefree Iris captured my heart and then her paintings touched me. So infinitely important that we all express ourselves creatively, but even more so for your daughter who has this extraordinary talent to share with all of us. This moment with Iris and her magnificent paintings filled me with empathy not only for Iris and you but all parents and all families who so lovely rear children who are physically, mentally and emotionally challenged. Tim

    • Hi Rebecca,
      We get a percentage, they create the product and handle the ordering, shipping…we make the most for Iris through the sales of her giclee prints, cards and calendars which we sell from here at home and can post to anywhere in the world. Currently we are offering free postage on the pck of 21 or 16 cards and the original sized prints 55cm x 75cm. To order just email us at Many Thanks, Arabella

  6. Hi,
    I saw the reportage of Iris making Spring dance.
    I would really love to see another reportage of Iris finishing a painting.
    Could you make another one?

  7. Hi,
    I am Shirly form WeChat MKT team. WeChat is one of the world’s most poplar Messenger. We are interested in Iris’ s painting and wish to put it into WeChat as next version’s welcome page or the Chat Wallpaper. Look forward to hearing your response.

  8. Hi, I absolutely love this story! You can clearly see that Iris and Thula have a beautiful bond. My son also has autism, and I am inspired by what I have read!
    P.S— I love cats’!!

  9. My sister has autism and she has grown up to be a beautiful young woman (she is now turning 22 next month). She has a gift of perfect pitch and sings opera with an amazing voice. I know Iris will also grow up and expand her incredible gift and show the world. Really inspiring, thank you for sharing!

  10. Saw Iris Grace & Thula’s story on GodVine and thoroughly enjoyed it! What a precious bond the two have. So happy you found a pet that your daughter can connect with. Now, on another subject, her artwork is so beautiful! I will be looking around on your site her to consider purchasing some. Love her pastels, which are difficult to find. God has blessed your daughter with a wonderful talent!

  11. I had a cat named Mopper as I called her.We lived two houses away from a Lady that had MS. Well Mopps would spend her afternoons on their porch with the Lady. Animals can form strong bonds as long as two conditions exist. A safe and loving environment. This girl and her cat are the same. The conditions for their love is respect. Each value whatever the other brings to the table and accepts the other.

  12. I’d love to purchase one of Iris’
    Her work is from her heart.
    A beautiful child whose art lets us see what she feels.

  13. I can’t begin to tell you how I am overfilled with joy thanks to Iris and her paintings and the incredible bond between her and her kitty. She is such an inspiration as I have wanted to paint for some time. I can’t wait to purchase some of Iris’ work. 😆

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