The Tale of Green

‘The Tale of Green’
55cm x 75cm

The Tale of Green

Green paint swirls around the ceramic bowl as Iris carefully stirs.  Her whole body swaying in time with the brush, intense focus on the colour before her transports Iris’s mind, body and soul into an elated almost hypnotic state.  I’m at the sink dampening a sponge, so it’s ready to wipe up any unwanted spillages on the floor and as I turn, she is beaming a smile up at me, this is my chance to talk about her painting, the colours, shapes and patterns.  A pathway to Iris using paper and paints, creating a connection between language and it’s true meaning.  I pause, I hear her voice, her beautiful voice ‘Greeeeen,’ with a smile so big it could fill the room.  It takes all my strength not to just go over and squish her with a huge hug and a thousand kisses, but I fear that would be going over the top and make her feel self conscious.  I compromise with a little celebration and one kiss on her forehead but she gives me a look as if to say I am very busy and still have important work to do so I back off.  After all, there is painting still to be done and within moments the paper that lies across the coffee table is filled with a sea of green.


‘A-Where-Wa’ 55cm x 75cm


I call Iris over to see her latest painting on the computer screen, she sits on my lap and we both look at the swirling colour formations and I try to think of a suitable name.  Iris has been particularly chatty lately, mostly in her own made up language but it’s a progression that we are all very proud of.  So I ask her what she thinks the painting should be called and she leans back into my arms and looks straight at me smiling and then repeats the words ‘a-where-wa’ over and over again.  Job done, she walks off to play with some toys, now vocalising a whole load of ‘b’ sounds as she pushes her Postman Pat van along the ground.  Feeling uncertain if I should use this name, I ask her once again what the painting should be called and she repeats the same words ‘a-where-wa’ once again, clearly and without hesitation.  So there we have it, here is ‘A-Where-Wa’ Iris’s first painting that she has named all by herself.

Prints in 42cm x 56.5cm, 33cm x 44.5cm and 23cm x 31cm aswell as the full size.