Iris’s New Painting ‘Eyebrook’

This week we have released Iris’s new painting called ‘Eyebrook’.   It’s named after Eyebrook reservoir which is somewhere that has been a favourite of Iris’s lately. You can buy a print through her online shop here – Eyebrook Giclee Print The Printer uses the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing […]

Artistic Spectrum

Exciting News Everyone, a selection of Iris’s paintings will be on show at the Artistic Spectrum Exhibition in London from 16th (Private View) & 17th- 26th Feb (open to the public) to find out more info email

Original Painting Auction

Iris Grace Painting:  Auction of Kuendelea. Good Morning/Afternoon,We are selling ‘Kuendelea‘ by emailed Bids starting on the 22nd Jan at 9am (UK time) and finishing on 29th Jan at 9pm (UK time). Bidders are requested to please submit their bids by email, all bids are confidential.The highest current Bid will be shown on the auction page of the website: To keep […]

The Paperback released today !

The ‘Iris Grace’ paperback is out today To buy your copy click here ‘Different is brilliant . . .’ Iris Grace is different. From the moment she was born she found the world a strange and terrifying place: she neither smiled nor spoke. The doctors couldn’t help, telling her parents she might never be able […]

‘Iris Grace’ Paperback

I’m delighted to tell that you that the ‘Iris Grace’ paperback will be published by Penguin Books this Thursday 22nd September. The book tells our story, and is illustrated, Colour & Black and White photographs plus of course Iris’s paintings. To buy the book click here 

Answers from the Spectrum : Noise

Question for the Spectrum: This week our question to the spectrum is from a mother who has been following Iris, her daughter is 7 years old and has sensory integration disorder and ASD. ‘One of our biggest challenges is loud noises. Dogs barking, kids yelling, fire alarms, cars honking, even people coughing or sneezing will […]