The Little Explorers Activity Club


The Little Explorers Activity Club started out as an Autism friendly home based activity club in 2013 but we soon realised it has a wider appeal, lots of children benefit from having a stable environment to learn and experience new things.  We have created an understanding safe place where they can have fun and socialise with other children and families.  The ages of the children are roughly from 3yrs to 12yrs.  In 2016 Arabella, the founder of the activity club joined forces with Rupert Isaacson, author of the ‘Horse Boy’ they are working together on the Kids Must Move project.  The Little Explorers will now be the training centre for Europe in the Movement Method.  They will be training working students, holding workshops for parents, teachers & therapists and provide family play dates using the Movement Method The educational games are all individually designed.  We follow their interests and all motivations are intrinsic within the activity in an environment that suits them.



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