So far Iris has had over 5 million pageviews across the globe.  She has been Published in 4 National Papers within the UK and China Times, Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Huffington Post, German tabloid Bild and many more.  She has featured on BBC, CNN, Yahoo, MSN, ABC, ITV and countless online news channels along with TV shows ‘The One Show’ and ‘This Morning’.


The Daily Mail
Daily Mail full Page article July 1st 2013
The Sun

Iris in The Sun Newspaper

The Times

Iris in the Times Newspaper

Leicester Mercury
Iris on the Front page of the Leicester Mercury

Page 3 story in the Leicester Mercury

Harborough Mail
Harborough Mail Iris Grace

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  1. May Kendall says:

    Iris Grace is clearly a gift from God. Her paintings express her inner beauty as well as the loving environment her parents have created for her. I am sure Iris Grace’s little cat, Thula, has a calming effect on her as well as being a loving friend. Cats have extraordinary healing powers and intuition which make them wonderful companions for autistic children. Anyone who has read ‘When Fraser met Billy’ by Louise Booth will understand how special cats are.

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