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  1. Jaye Nightingale says:

    I love this. Iris is clearly an amazingly blessed little girl, incredibly talented. God has used her in the best way, and through her taught me that He can speak His power to the world through the most gentle people. Even though I don’t know you all personally, I’m praying for you and Iris as she continues inspiring minds everywhere through her art.
    I, personally, love to paint and write books, and I hope to become an author and illustrator some day, but I was beginning to lose hope in success. This wonderful girl has told me to go on, that if she can, I can. I am now almost halfway through my best book yet.
    So, in conclusion, a huge thanks to the family, and exclusively to Iris. She is full of words to say to us all and I strongly believe she will grow up to be a remarkable and celebrated woman who speaks words that will resound through generations to come. She is extraordinary and beautiful, and loved by God immensely.
    Blessings to you all,

    ~Her #1 fan, Jaye Nightingale, age 14

  2. Ginelle andrade says:

    I would like to know how to possibly purchase a painting. I have a son with autism and would love nothing more to contribute to this little girls therapy and supplies

  3. susanfrechsims says:

    Bluebells is my favorite! It looks like a Monet painting. I am an artist too, I paint realistically. I am not usually wild about abstraction because too often it is too contrived. However, in Iris’s case it is not. Which is why I love them! She is painting what she sees in her interpretation of it! A natural talent that I admire. Good luck to her and I hope she continues painting!! I wish my young students would let go and just live in the painting as she does. Truly special!

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