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  1. Jennie lopez says:

    wondering if you .’ve seen the Ted X and Opra interviews with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She wrote a book entitled stroke of insight you may have seen it or read it or heard about it. http://youtu.be/SM3dPQsUpJM

    Sorry typing is a little odd since I’m holding a one and a half year-old napping.

    In the link above doctor Taylor explains beautifully not only what happen to her mind and her experience but what is probably going on in the minds of everyone else with dementia or autism etc. it’s a wonderful thing as you are experiencing this with your daughter.
    Light to you and yours

  2. Danielle says:

    The mom should write a children’s book about these 2 with her daughters’ artwork incorporated. It would be something I would purchase. It’s a beautiful story that was published on thedodo.com

    • Carter-Johnson says:

      Hi Danielle, that is so lovely to hear. Iam currently finishing a memoir book but that is for adults, my next project hopefully will be the children’s books, Im so excited about it but have to finish this one first 🙂

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