So far Iris has had over 1 million pageviews across 207 different countries.  She has been Published in 4 National Papers within the UK and China Times, Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Huffington Post, German tabloid Bild and many more.  She has featured on Yahoo, MSN, ABC, ITV and countless online news channels.


The Daily Mail
Daily Mail full Page article July 1st 2013
The Sun

Iris in The Sun Newspaper

The Times

Iris in the Times Newspaper

Leicester Mercury
Iris on the Front page of the Leicester Mercury

Page 3 story in the Leicester Mercury

Harborough Mail
Harborough Mail Iris Grace

8 thoughts on “Media

  1. My son was diagnosed having autism spectrum disorder last June 25th on his 2nd birthday. This news about Iris makes me think that Autism isn’t something to be afraid of. Hats off to all parents of children with autism.

  2. There is a spark of the divine in us all. Nurture and care for it in everyone around you…. sometimes it is a long search… Congratulations on finding it in this lovely child…

  3. Iris has also been mentioned on

    She has a wonderful talent, and I am sure she will grow into a beautiful and talented young painter. Congratulations to both you and your daughter.

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  5. What a gorgeous little girl :-) Truly inspriational and wish her all the love and support in the world. As a Mum of an autistic daughter, I cry with joy and hope when I see things like this. Thank you!

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